Turbines in Production

The production of the 200/225 kW turbine is overseen by our industrial partner and the design is guaranteed through the technology transfer and agreement by a solid danish firm, who features over 400 installations worldwide and oversees the production of turbines from 200 kW to 750 kW by licensees in Boston, India and Brazil.

ust a few strengths worth mentioning for the 200/225 kW turbine are: the absence of an inverter, the long-term reliability against weather conditions, the adaptability to a variety of sites, and the low-maintenance for both mechanical and electrical parts. We will provide our customers with optional technical upgrades in the future, such as elongated blades which optimize the turbine production curve; and, the introduction of variable pitch control which increases output in class II sites that have average-to-low wind speeds.

Download technical data sheet 750 kW