No wind... to lose!

In Italy wind turbines with a capacity below 1,000 kW are incentivized with all inclusive rate for every kWh produced and feed into the network, one of the highest rate in the world!
It will be until 2020, don't miss the opportunity!

Those who want invest in a guaranteed and safe project about wind turbines in the power range from 50 to 1000 kW , can do it directly on the places chosen by S.E.I (Società Elettrica Italiana) group, with his M.W.F.program (Mini Wind Farm) .

This sites are characterized by the good wind speed conditions, suitable for the installation of this range of wind turbines, and they are immediately available.

WESPA engineering by SEI group make available in different Italian Region many places ready for the wind turbine installation, with “turnkey” solution.