• DECEMBER 2016

    Framework Agreement WESPA / GREEN STORM

    The Board of Directors of WESPA, approved the report on the management of the President Dr. Enrico Banchi and shared the new program lines of activity. In Particular since 2016, the firm will launch also the direct management of the wind turbines, in ownership and in multiproperty . It's been increased the risk fund at Norwin licensing disputes, while an agreement was reached on quotas not paid by the Gfour SRL, which will be surely acquired by companies already identified. Consequently, the tenths not yet paid will be definitly cashed in 2017 . In the course of 2017 it is expected an extraordinary general meeting with the recapitalization by converting the loan of EUR 120,000.00 paid by SEI Holding SRL in support of Start- Up activities. During the meeting will be proposed statute changes to simplify controls , social management activities and the development of financial participation for investment in Wind Energy systems and the transfer of the registered office at the current headquarters in Grosseto.

  • JULY 2016

    Framework Agreement WESPA / GREEN STORM

    On 12 July 2016 an agreement was signed on Wind Engineering and Green Storm for the Development and Commercialization of a new type of wind turbines for European and International Market. The new turbines have a two-way control system: electrical and mechanical with an independent control unit, and power curves segmented to maintain, regardless of wind present, constancy in the blade rotations. The turbines has been designed to exit from the factory already proven, for a quick installation of suitable sites, with particular ATTENTION to the active and passive safety system, even in a power cut in the electric grid.

  • MARCH 2016

    S.E.I. HOLDING acquired majority shares from WESPA

    S.E.I. Holding has acquired the shares of Wind Engineering SpA (WESPA company), becoming all proprietary effects. It is so concluded the restructuring process of the Company S.E.I. related to equity stakes, the Company remains the service and engineering activities. In WESPA will concentrate, from this year, all the wind sector activities (development construction design and management) for turbines from 200 Kw including wind turbines linked to Renewable buying groups.

  • JUNE 2015

    Approval of the Financial Statements: integrative note and Renewal of the Officers

    Approved on 30 June 2014 the Corporate Budget, including the notes and report of the Board of Directors and AUDITORS from which shows the start of the activities of the Company, the results of operations is slightly at a loss as a result of prudent provisions to cover potential disputes with the danish Norwin AG on the suspension of the license of 2011 on the Contract for technology transfer. The revenue share is growing to 1 million euros destined to grow in the current year as a result also of the enlargement of corporate activities with particular reference to the development of permits for direct investment and direct management of turbine production, who will come into operation at the end of this year. They were also initiated collection procedures offered to the public for taking over the shares subscribed but not exercised by the minority shareholder GFour SRL.

  • JUNE 2014

    About rumors circulating in the wind turbines environment, WESPA announces that its wind turbine production from 200 - 225- 250 - 500-750 comes from the first North European project whose technology was acquired in 2011. The production takes place in join venture whit Irish patners , in Mumbai and in Chennai (INDIA). The European market is commercially covered by our Company, that doesn’t has any connection with other Indian companies presents in the market directly and / or indirectly through distributors such as SRC Green Powerimages/nepc.jpg images/greenPower.jpg.
    Especially WESPA knows that many direct purchases by Italians final customers or retailers were not performed partly in order to protect the image of the industry, offering its solid experience and know-how in order to identify possible technical and commercial solutions. Finally, we underline that our companies in addition to covering the production follows preferably the entire supply chain to installations on the target site (logistics, site management, commissioning, operational and maintenance etc ....) .