To mantain in good conditions one's own wind power plant is essential both in order to increase the annual energy production and in order to extend the plant's life. Anyway, to carry out the mechanical, elettro-mechanical, electrical and softwares' improvements is not sufficient for the investitor who needs an assistance including the “All Risk Assurance” in order to grant the cover of particular kind of improvements.

Therefore, WESPA, does not organize itself the management and maintenance which is, on the other side, carried out by SEI, Electric Italian Society, through which WESPA is capable of granting the investitor and owner of the wind turbines a series of products: by means of these products, they are able to completely manage each aspect related to the work of turbines (but also relationships with GSE, the management of the relationship with the Electrical network distributor and the Assurance contract.. and so on) with the goal of maintaining the performance at the highest level.

The management and maintenance include:

  • Assessment of turbines condition (especially for turbines which have been installed by other operators);
  • Definition and execution of the maintenance and mangement program;
  • Assessment of yours maintenance contract with other agencies;
  • Assessment of Assurance contracts and adherence to the cover “All Risk”;

For eventual operators in the field of installators and maintainers, some activities can be assessed:

  • Training for the maintenance of wind turbines;
  • Technological transfer for the starting up of the maintenance of turbines.

Stating that costs are particularly importance for the competitiveness of the maintenance activities of energy production plants, the goal is to maintain them particularly low. The goal is to grant products with performances at the technological vangard, to make possible long times between revisions and easiness in the maintenance. Another good point in our management and maintenance system is the availability of original spare parts, charaterized by high efficiency and a long life.

To conclude, when it is necessary to operate on turbines, WESPA network, through SEI Società Elettrica Italiana , grants not only an adeguate and efficient offer, but also quick answers, which are also competent and professional.